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United States
Current Residence: Johnson, VT
Favourite genre of music: Rock
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever strikes my fancy
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian, Cosmo, Jorgon Von Strangle, Tazmanian Devil, Stewie, Mayor Adam West
  • Listening to: A commercial for the Tri-State Megabucks
  • Reading: The screen
  • Watching: The news
Stolen from *Serenity-Falls :heart:

Ten things I wish I could say to people:

1. Holy crap, lady! Take it easy!
3. I don't have a zip code!
4. You know, you really should just shut up.
5. Why do I seem to be your "last resort" friend? I thought we were better friends than that.
6. I can't believe you're so crabby. It's just ice cream!
7. How's your bitch of a wife?
8. Seriously? Shut up and getting away from me, you creeper. None of us care what you have to say!
9. Sometimes I'm pretty sure you just don't understand the real world and never will.
10. Grow up.

Nine things about myself:

1. While I really love the money, I have no plans whatsoever to work in a factory the rest of my life.
2. I've been really frustrated lately. I want to get in shape so bad and I haven't lost a thing despite all my effort.
3. I'm a stupendous listener and advice giver, at least with my friends. If I consider you a friend, I will listen to your troubles for hours, if need be, and try to help the best I can.
4. I like who I am as a person.
5. Sometimes I get scared about the future. Not just my future, but the future of the world.
6. I realized the other day that my favorite holiday, Christmas, has shaped who I am. It's made me want to make Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All not just a saying for December, but a reality for all time, even if it means just being the best person I can to other people all the time.
7. I really wish I could get paid doing something I love.
8. I miss drinking Coke every day, but I know I'm doing my body a favor not having any.
9. Even though I am now and always have been a Boston Red Sox fan, I used to wear a red New York Yankees cap because Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit did.

Eight ways to win my heart:

1. Love me with all you have.
2. Be playful with me.
3. Take an interest in one thing that interests me.
4. Trust me.
5. Make it easy for me to trust you, and never break that trust.
6. Support me.
7. Listen to me.
8. Don't be afraid to be "old" with me from time to time.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot:

1. Sex
2. Money
3. Random TV and movie quotes
4. I should lift weights later
5. My good friends
6. School
7. Sex

Six things I do before I fall asleep:

1. Check my online stuff
2. Have a drink of water
3. Watch a movie or some TV
4. Brush my teeth
5. Cal Madalyn
6. Set my alarm (damn thing!)

Five places I want to visit:

1. England
2. Italy
3. Hawaii
4. Mexico
5. Cuba

Four things I'm wearing right now:

1. shirt
2. shorts
3. socks
4. slippers

Three bands that I listen to often:

1. AC/DC
2. Alice Cooper
3. Five Finger Death Punch

Two things I want to do before I die:

1. Get married and have kids.
2. Publish a novel.

One confession:

1. I have four heroes in life: Stephen King, Alice Cooper, Batman and Santa Claus. Stephen King because he inspired me to write; Alice because he overcame all his troubles and is an incredibly normal guy given his mega-star status; Batman because he taught me that if you have a goal and are driven enough, you can can achieve it and that one man CAN make a difference; and Santa Claus because I think we should all strive to be a fraction as generous as that jolly old fellow.

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